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    “I'm on a mission to empower young professionals to take charge of their careers. Even though today’s companies need your talent and want you to succeed, they aren’t always equipped with the resources or skills to make it happen in a way—or at a pace—that meets your needs. I wrote this book to close the gap."

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    What is it all about?

    In Get There Faster, you will learn a five-step career acceleration formula. Each step guides and empowers young professionals to answer questions such as: “Am I in the right job?“What’s next for me?” and “Is my current path aligned with my personal values?"

    You will be guided through a self-discovery process to:

    ● Identify work activities and job roles at which you will most excel

    ● Select companies and teams that align with your personal values

    ● Focus your learning and development on only activities right for your unique needs

    ● See hidden opportunities for growth where others might not

    ● Be seen as having high potential, therefore, yielding the best roles and rewards

    ● Identify where you want to go next and know how to get there